Learn about all mechanics you can edit with AdvancedMobs here.
  • Custom mobs appear in the world just like normal mobs do! Mobs spawn depending on what biomes they have, if they are hostile (example: only spawn at dark, in caves, etc.)
  • Peaceful and hostile mobs! Hostile mobs will attack players that are in range with realistic damage handling (armor and other modifiers change how much custom mobs deal damage to players)
  • Build Bosses With Blocks! Allow players to build custom mobs with block patterns
  • Sounds! Mobs use selected vanilla sounds for immersive experience
  • Breed mobs! Peaceful mobs can be bred using specified items in config (can be disabled)
  • Mobs drop loot! All mobs drop their own specified loot, and you are able to configure it
  • Persistent mobs! Our custom mobs are persistent and stay after restarts or leaving areas and coming back later. Never worry about leaving your farms and mobs despawning.