Custom Mob Settings

Custom mobs can be assigned unique settings to differentiate their values, such as speed, hologram height, etc. We explain here every setting, how to use it and what it changes.

Where are these settings located?

Settings are located in each custom mob's configuration file (customMobs folder). Mob settings are set at the top of their respective .amob file, e.g.:

  health: 30 # Mob's health 
  sounds: BLAZE # Sound List:
  hostile: true # Is mob hostile? If set to false, mob will not be aggressive towards players
  nametagHeight: 0.3 # How high should the nametag be?
  damage: 3 # How much damage should the mobs do to players?
  animateOnWalking: true # Should animation be active only when mob is walking?
  headFollow: true # Should mob's head follow target
  animationSmoothness: 20 # How smooth should the animation be? 1-20, higher being smoother.
  animationSpeed: 10 # How smooth should the animation be? 1-20, lower being faster.
  walkingSpeed: 0.9 # How custom fast mob walks

Each setting explanation


Explanation: Value of mob's health. To put into perspective, players by default have 20 health. Value: integer Example Usage: health: 20


Explanation: From what vanilla mob should the sounds be used. Sound list: Value: Sound enum Example Usage: sounds: ZOMBIE


Explanation: Changes whether custom mob is hostile (attacks players) or does not. Value: boolean Example Usage: hostile: true


Explanation: Changes how high mob nametag is compared to mob's head location. Value: double Example Usage: nametagHeight: 2.0


Explanation: Sets mob's damage towards players. 1 = half a heart of damage. Value: integer Example Usage: damage: 2


Explanation: Changes played animation smoothness. Does not impact performance, animations are cached on server startup. Value: integer, 1 to 20 Example Usage: animationSmoothness: 10


Explanation: Changes how fast animations are played between frames. Value: ticks, 1 to 20. 20 ticks = 1 second between animation frames. Example Usage: animationSpeed: 10


Explanation: Changes mob's walking speed. 1.0 = default speed, 2.0 = 2x default speed, 0.5 = half default speed. Value: double Example Usage: walkingSpeed: 2.5


Explanation: makes player's head part look at target (in pets, looks at owner) Value: boolean Example usage: headFollow: true

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