Build Mobs With Blocks

Use your own patters to build bosses

How do block patterns work?

Building mobs with block patterns mimics the vanilla feature where Withers, Iron golems or snowmans can be built. Players must make a specific pattern for a mob to spawn - the block pattern disappears. Best explained by this gif:

How to customize / make your own patterns?

You will need to do this all inside plugins/AdvancedMobs/bosses folder. If you are customizing an already available pattern, find the file named same as the mob you want to change, otherwise, create a new file called <mob name>.yml, example: Wyvern.yml

We're going to be customizing a default pattern of Wyvern mob. The inside of file looks like this:

# Boss Configuration file for Wyvern

# How to build Wyvern boss
    - ' e '
    - 'idi'
    - ' d '

Patterns are very simple to understand. Use empty space to act as an AIR block, otherwise specify material names below the pattern list. As an example, in our file, e means ENCHANTING_TABLE.

Here is a visual representation of how this pattern looks:

Because there's 3 lines, and 3 materials in each line, this is a 3x3 pattern. A very basic 2D pattern. You can have as many lines in height or width as you want.

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