Random Spawning

Configure random spawning and toggle it on or off

Custom mobs can spawn randomly throughout the world with this mechanic.

How to disable?

Go into plugins/AdvancedMobs/randomSpawning.yml file, set enabled to false and restart.

How to change which mobs randomly spawn?

In the same file as mentioned above, you will find a list of mobs that can randomly spawn. By default, it looks like this:

# Random Spawn-able custom mobs list
  - 'Demon'
  - 'Dog'
  - 'Dragon'
  - 'Flamingo'
  - 'Giraffe'
  - 'Gorilla'
  - 'Hippo'
  - 'Monkey'
  - 'Octopus'
  - 'Raccoon'
  - 'Raptor'
  - 'Robot'
  - 'Tiger'
  - 'Turtle'
  - 'Wyvern'
  - 'Zebra'
  - 'Snail'

To remove a custom mob, just simply remove that entry from list and restart. To add a new one, simply add an entry with your wanted mob's name.

Add a world in which mobs randomly spawn

By default, custom mobs spawn in "world" world only. To add new worlds, add an entry to worldList setting in randomSpawning.yml file. Below is an example where we add custom_world to our list.

# Worlds list for random spawning
#  In what worlds should random custom mobs spawn
  - 'world'
  - 'custom_world'

Change biomes of where custom mobs spawn

To do that, go into plugins/AdvancedMobs/customMobs folder. Open any of the mobs file you want (the extension is .amob but the file acts like a .yml file - use your text editor to open it!).

Here's how the settings look like for Demon mob:

  health: 40
  sounds: WOLF
  hostile: true
  nametagHeight: 0.9
  damage: 8
  animateOnWalking: true
  animationSmoothness: 5
  animationSpeed: 2
    - 'ALL'

You can see the setting called biomes. To change biomes, simply add your entry from biome name list - https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/block/Biome.html.

Adding entry ALL will allow the mob to spawn in any biomes.

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