🐕Available Pets

Whatever your dreams are with pets - you can do that with this plugin.

Why AdvancedPets?

AdvancedPets is the ultimate custom 3D pets plugin. It allows you to create custom pets in-game without any programming knowledge. Pets are integrated with custom abilities, skins and way more. Custom pets do not require any texture packs or resource packs to be installed.

Available Pets

  • Dog

  • Dragon

  • Giraffe

  • Gorilla

  • Monkey

  • Octopus

  • Racecar

  • Raccoon

  • Robot

  • Tiger

  • Turtle

  • Wyvern (Giant Dragon)

Most of the pets are animated out of the box, with abilities and skins.

Premium Mobs:

  • Reindeer

  • Bear

  • Mammoth

Read more about it here: Premium Mobs Pack, store link: https://advancedplugins.net/item/Premium-Mobs-Pack.80

Mobs from our other plugins are interchangeable and all made for that plugin will work with AdvancedPets as well - community has made a ton of custom mobs.

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