Mobs & Spawners Stacking

Configure stacking and toggle it on or off

AdvancedMobs can stack your mobs and spawners - to dramatically increase performance, be it vanilla or custom mobs.

Stacking is disabled by default.

How to enable?

To enable, go into plugins/AdvancedMobs/config.yml file. You will need to find settings called spawnerStacking and mobStacking. Set both enabled to true and restart.

How does this work

You can give your players mob spawners, to spawn vanilla/custom mobs. To save performance, your server's RAM and space, mob spawners and mobs can be stacked.

Placing spawners near one another will stack them depending on type and level.

Once mobs spawn from these spawners, they will be stacked as well. Killing stacked mobs will have them killed one by one (can be changed to whole stack dying in config).

Upgrading Spawners (Levels)

You can upgrade spawners with this plugin. Plugin has a fully customisable leveling experience - customMobs/AdvancedMobs/upgrades.yml.

Configure upgrades menu, economy, prices.

Each level has configuration of:

  • Price to upgrade

  • How many mobs should spawn at once (spawning multiplier to spawn formula)

  • Spawning time of how often mobs should spawn

How to customize Spawner Stacking

# Spawner Stacking Settings
  # Is spawner stacking enabled?
  enabled: false
  # Maximum number of spawners in a stack
  maxSpawnersPerStack: 100
  # Max distance in which spawners will stack together
  maxStackDistance: 5;
  # Number of mobs spawning per spawner
  mobsPerSpawner: "<random>1-4</random> * %spawner count% * %upgrades%"
  # Default spawner spawning speed, in ticks
  spawnSpeed: 600

You can change how many spawners are allowed per stack (per one block), stacking distance, formula which is used to calculate how many mobs spawn from spawner and the default spawning speed.

How to customize Mob Stacking

# Mob Stacking Configuration
  # Is mob stacking enabled?
  enabled: false
  # Should vanilla mobs stack?
  # If set to false, only custom mobs will stack
  stackVanillaMobs: true
  # Max distance in which mobs will stack together
  maxMobStackDistance: 16
  # Maximum number of mobs in a stack
  maxMobsPerStack: 100
  # Should whole stack die when one is killed?
  wholeStackDeath: false
  # Stacked Mobs Blacklist
  # Add any mob type you want here to not stack

Toggle stacking, set whether vanilla or custom mobs should spawn, distances, max mobs per stack, if whole stack dies and mobs blacklist here.

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