Mob Loot

Configure mob loot and toggle it on or off

Custom mobs are able to drop extremely configurable loot using mob loot mechanic.

How to disable loot for a mob?

Go into plugins/AdvancedMobs/drops folder and find the file name which matches mob's name. Simply delete the file and restart!

How to configure mob loot?

In the drops folder, you can find all the loot configured for each mob. Find the mob you want to edit (in our case, we'll edit Gorilla's drops).

# Drops Configuration
#  Command drops are supported! Set `command: 'your command here'`, %player% placeholder is supported as a player name

# Is Looting (Vanilla Enchant) enabled for this mob's drops?
lootingEnabled: true

# How much exp should the mob drop?
exp: 1-3

# This only works for Vanilla mobs, decides whether vanilla drops should be disabled or not
disableVanillaDrops: true

    chance: 45
    type: IRON_INGOT
    amount: 1-2
    # List all levels which should have this drop
    forLevels: 0-19
    chance: 10
    type: IRON_INGOT
    amount: 1-2
    # Only upgraded spawners will have a chance to get this drop
    forLevels: 1-19

You can choose whether looting enchantment works with custom mobs, how much experience they drop or if editing vanilla mob's loot, whether vanilla drops work with mobs as well.

Now, onto editing the custom drops. Two loot types are possible: items and commands


You need to follow this item format:

For mob to drop loot, you also need to specify for which upgradeLevels this loot will drop. With Gorilla, we can see that the first drop will work on all levels (forLevels setting), from default (0) all up to 19th level (that is the maximum by default).


To set a command drop, it's as simple as setting item's drop. Be aware, that this loot will not drop but rather execute upon a mob is killed.

Example configuration for commands:

    chance: 10
    command: 'broadcast %player% killed a Gorilla!'
    forLevels: 0-19

This will execute a command when Gorilla is killed, broadcasting <killer's name> killed a Gorilla!

%player% - will be replaced with player's who killed, name.

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