Guide on abilities with AdvancedPets

  • Over 60 abilities are built into the plugin.

  • Equip players with potion effects when pet is active, give potions when attacking, killing, set players on fire, strike lightning - it's your choice

How to create abilities

Start off by creating a file for mob in plugins/AdvancedPets/abilities folder, name format should be <mob name>.yml, e.g. Dog.yml

Example Abilities file:

# Dog Abilities
#  Pets can give off special abilities to pet owners passively or at events
#  Effect List: https://ae.advancedplugins.net/enchantments/creating-enchantments/effect-list
#  Read more here: https://wiki.advancedplugins.net/effects/types

description: "Chance to deal more damage to players & mobs"

  chance: 15
  cooldown: 2
    - 'ADD_HARM:3 @Other'

description - text displayed next to pet in /pets menu. Explains what abilities pet has.

Under description is where Ability Types follow. Types can be found in here.

Full list of effects: https://wiki.advancedplugins.net/abilities/effects

Setting abilities for pets

Abilities can have attributes, such as:

  • chance - chance of ability activating when triggered by owner

  • cooldown - how long after activating ability wont be available (will be on cooldown)


You can assign who ability affects, be it owner (%owner%) or other player/entity (%other%). This way abilities are given towards the assigned player.


  - 'POTION:HASTE:0:20 @Owner'

In this example, HASTE potion effect will be given to pet owner for 20 ticks = 1 second.

Another example:

  - 'LIGHTNING @Other'

This example would strike lightning at other entity. E.g. when attacking mobs or players, the other entity would be entity getting attacked.


Placeholder list for effects:


%owner name%

Inserts pet owner's name

%other name%

Inserts other person's name (e.g. when attacking)

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